Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An attack on the confederate flag is an attack on traditional White America

There is no doubt that most people have witnessed the vicious attack on the confederate flag in the recent month as a result of the killing in South Carolina by the mentally disturbed Dylan Roof. The attack on the confederate flag began when the picture of Roof holding the confederate flag was aired nationwide. This gave the green light to those that hate our culture and heritage to demand the removal of every confederate flag, monument or statute wherever they may be. Now, we all know it wasn't a confederate flag that killed six innocent individuals, but it was a mentally disturbed person that had friends with blacks (which by the way the media doesn't talk about because it doesn't fit their agenda). But as a result of that one picture, the scene was set to make the appearance that the confederate flag represented someone that wanted to kill anyone that wasn't White, and attempted to paint a picture that anyone that stands for traditional America (that is a White, Christian) was themselves evil, mentally disturbed, and shouldn't exist. But the attack on the Confederate flag is indeed an attack on anything that is White. The Confederate flag does represent those that resist the continual destruction of America. The Confederate flag does represent a White, Christian culture. The Confederate flag does represent those that don't want the federal government shoving down sodomite marriages and miscegenation upon our society and our children. The Confederate flag does represent the resistance of illegal immigration pouring into our country. So is the Confederate flag a symbol that our enemies hate. Of course, because it is a symbol of love of our people and our culture that doesn't fit the world they are trying to create.