Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama promises amnesty for illegals.

This week Obama promised Hispanic Caucus an Illegal Alien Amnesty Coming Soon!
Pelosi calls enforcement "un-American"
Help us Smash Amnesty and "re-educate" Pelosi. This is directly from NumbersUSA, and thought it is important for everyone to realize that Obama is in bed with illegals, which should be no surprise.

This is hell week for immigration enforcement. If you care about this issue, please read this entire email carefully, and then take every step we ask. Here's the update:
1. Yesterday President Obama seemed to rent out his immigration policy to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Mexican government.
2. And on Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught on tape saying that immigration enforcement agents are "un-American" when they acted to enforce the laws.
Maybe you'll want to rub your eyes two or three times and re-read the above paragraphs.
Statements like "renting out" his foreign policy to the Mexican government are pretty alarming. We at NumbersUSA are usually careful to avoid heated rhetoric.
But read the details, and you'll see while I HAVE to let off some steam this time!
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After spending the first weeks of his term engulfed by the financial mess, Obama has decided it's time to make nice with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. In a meeting with them yesterday in California, he promised to push ahead soon with the same "Immigration Reform"—i.e. Illegal Alien Amnesty—that McCain and Kennedy were promoting back in 2007.
Obama said he would soon be traveling to Mexico to meet with Mexico's President Calderon to work out immigration policy. That sounds like Obama is going to let the country responsible for sending us the most illegal aliens re-write America's immigration laws. What's next?
And did you hear about the House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi's wild statement? She called our immigration enforcement officials "un-American" for deporting illegal aliens. (This was actually caught on tape.)
Do you see where this is heading? The administration and Democratic leaders in Congress have removed all doubt about where they stand.
Amnesty for the 11-12 million illegal aliens is inevitable, unless we act now.
Please take all these actions:
1. Go to Send these faxes telling the President, Rep. Pelosi, and your members of Congress that you will never agree to Amnesty.
2. Phone the President and your members of Congress. Let's break the Congressional and White House switchboards today and tomorrow!
3. Make a gift to NumbersUSA so that we can ramp up our efforts right now, as the fight grows deadly earnest.
I need 2,000 of our members to press that Red Button and donate in the next 24 hours. Our members sent 100,000 faxes yesterday alone! Obviously, this takes money.
If this is your first donation, even better! At least 1/3 of the 2,000 donations we need in the next 24 hours must come from members who have never given before if we are to meet our goal.
We literally cannot send your faxes and maintain our lobbying efforts without funding from our members.So please, press that red button and help us once again this month. We've got our perfect record on stopping illegal alien amnesties to protect. And it's time to "take the fight to the enemy!"
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Valedictorian's free-speech case goes to court.

As reported in, "A student's free-speech rights are being defended in federal court.

Liberty Counsel is pursuing the case at the Tenth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. General counsel Steve Crampton is defending Colorado high school valedictorian Erica Corder. Along with 14 others, Corder was permitted to make a 30-second statement at the graduation ceremony. "And because she mentioned Jesus Christ, she was told immediately after the service that she would not be receiving her diploma along with the other students, but had to meet the principal who then required that she sign an apology, with which she did not agree, as a condition for receiving her diploma," Crampton explains. Corder wrote the apology under compulsion, and Liberty Counsel then sued the school on her behalf. Crampton says it is unconstitutional to restrict public speech, especially since it was student-initiated. Evidently, says the attorney, "there's basically no such thing as private speech at a graduation ceremony -- even for a valedictorian who earned the right to address her classmates." Crampton calls it a clear case of viewpoint discrimination."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Utah GOP leaders become redcoats

As reported by Concerned Women ofAmerica, "Another outspoken pro-family state lawmaker has come under attack for speaking Biblical truth about homosexuality. Utah State Senator Chris Buttars has come under attack from radical homosexual pressure groups because he referred to the homosexual lifestyle as immoral. While the lashing from groups like the Human Rights Campaign can be expected, what was a surprise was that the Republican leadership in Utah turned on Buttars, removing him from his position as head of the Judiciary Committee. Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs for the Liberty Counsel and Associate Dean at the Liberty University School of Law, says this attack is very similar to the one launched against Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern last year. He adds that this situation needs as much national attention as the Kern case." We all need to contact Utah Senate President Michael Waddoups and express your support of Senator Buttars and ask for his reinstatement. You can call Waddoups senate office at 801-538-1407 or call the Utah Senate switchboard at 801-538-1035. He can also be reached by email at Express your support of Senator Chris Buttars by emailing him at What is sad is that so called conservative leaders (if you can even use that term anymore) are now jumping on the band wagon of multi-culturalism and pro-sodomite issues instead of being faithful to the ideal of Christianity and ensuring that our children may someday return to an America where Christianity remains supreme and that sodomy (homosexuality) will not have a place in our country.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prominent weatherman denounces global warming

A San Diego weather forecaster is a featured speaker at the 2009 International Climate Change Conference in New York City, which is being held through March 8th through the 10th.

According to, "John Coleman is the weather forecaster for KUSI in San Diego, California. His career spans more than 50 years and includes markets such as Chicago. He was also the first ever forecaster for Good Morning America. Additionally, Coleman founded The Weather Channel, although he is no longer associated with the cable station. Now the meteorologist will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming International Climate Change Conference, with his subject being "Dead wrong about global warming: How Al Gore got that way." "Al Gore took two [college] classes in which he learned a little bit of science," Coleman notes. "One of them was from a professor named Roger Revelle." While working at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Revelle branded carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas and theorized that it could lead to some warming of the atmosphere. "Interestingly enough, shortly after he taught Gore -- and Gore his book [about] how this man was his mentor and his inspiration and so on -- Revelle changed his mind. Revelle totally changed his mind by 1990," Coleman reveals. "[He] passed away unfortunately in 1991, or he might be sitting here beside me today." Coleman will be presenting his speech at the climate conference toda on Tuesday, March 10. The event, hosted by the Heartland Institute, will feature other prominent manmade climate change skeptics both national and international."

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Jersey police try to prevent public evangelism

Wildwood, New Jersey, now faces a lawsuit over alleged free-speech violations. Alliance Defense Fund attorney Joel Oster filed the lawsuit in federal court. "Our client, Eric Wollod, was simply trying to pass on religious literature and share his faith on a public sidewalk, and he was shut down by the local police," he explains.

"And he was told [by a police officer] that if he wanted to pass out literature, he had to first submit a letter to the town stating why, obtain a permit; and then even in that case he could only do it in five predisclosed areas along the boardwalk." Oster says the officer's actions restricted speech, making it no longer free. "And to think that you can shut off an entire town to free-speech activities, I think, would disturb all the graves of our founding fathers," he contends. Wollod broke no laws, according to Oster, but the city did violate his constitutional rights.

This is the tactics of the police so often whenever they try to deal with the White nationalists whenever White nationalists try to proclaim the message of hope and deliverance to our fellow White brothers and sisters. They will intimidate them by saying they have to obtain a permit or they will be arrested or they will simply say it is illegal to pass out any literature. However, the courts have time and time again stated that passing out literature or public evangelism is Constitutional. It is a First Amendment protected Constitutional right. However, now we have where police are attempting to prevent any type of evangelism. This is the tactics that White nationalists have tried to warn the public so too often that if the police will go after White nationalists or any group that is not "approved" by the government, then it is only a matter of time they will go after your modern day "Christians". This is just one example.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Distrct of Columbia may soon have U.S. Representative vote

The Senate brought DC one step closer to the ballot box by clearing a procedural hurdle placed in the way of the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2009 (S. 160). 62 Senators cast votes in favor of moving this bill forward. By the end of the week, it may very well be in the hands of the House. Then it’s on to the President’s desk. President Obama is a strong supporter of DC voting rights and a former cosponsor of the bill, which would give DC a full Representative with the same voting power as other House members.

For decades, the liberals and non-whites have been trying to get it where there will be a representative in the U.S. House and eventually the U.S. Senate from the District of Columbia. But the problem is that the founding fathers did not want D.C. to have any representation in the House or the Senate because it was not a state. However, as more and more people moved into D.C., the non-white population exploded. Now D.C. is a non-white city, and has been for many years. As a result, liberals wanted more non-white representation in the House and the Senate, and figured that if D.C. will be able to have a "vote" in the House or the Senate, it will be a non-white representative. I have added what the bill is titled, and the sponsor of the bill (Sen. Leiberman, a Jewish liberal who happens to be good friends to John Amnesty (I'm sorry John McCain), and his fellow co-sponsors.

Title: A bill to provide the District of Columbia a voting seat and the State of Utah an additional seat in the House of Representatives. Sponsor: Sen Lieberman, Joseph I. [CT] (introduced 1/6/2009) Cosponsors (19) Related Bills: H.R.157, H.R.665 Latest Major Action: 3/2/2009 Held at the desk.
COSPONSORS(19), ALPHABETICAL [followed by Cosponsors withdrawn]: (Sort: by date)
Sen Carper, Thomas R. [DE] - 1/7/2009
Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY] - 1/6/2009
Sen Dodd, Christopher J. [CT] - 1/6/2009
Sen Durbin, Richard [IL] - 1/6/2009
Sen Feingold, Russell D. [WI] - 1/6/2009
Sen Feinstein, Dianne [CA] - 2/25/2009
Sen Hatch, Orrin G. [UT] - 1/6/2009
Sen Kennedy, Edward M. [MA] - 1/6/2009
Sen Kerry, John F. [MA] - 1/6/2009
Sen Landrieu, Mary L. [LA] - 1/7/2009
Sen Lautenberg, Frank R. [NJ] - 2/23/2009
Sen Leahy, Patrick J. [VT] - 1/6/2009
Sen Levin, Carl [MI] - 2/11/2009
Sen McCaskill, Claire [MO] - 1/7/2009
Sen Mikulski, Barbara A. [MD] - 1/12/2009
Sen Sanders, Bernard [VT] - 1/6/2009
Sen Schumer, Charles E. [NY] - 2/24/2009
Sen Specter, Arlen [PA] - 2/23/2009
Sen Voinovich, George V. [OH] - 2/11/2009
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

McCain insiders will speak at sodomite gathering.

story contributed by:

Two individuals who were intimately involved with John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign will be addressing an April gathering of homosexual activists in Washington, DC.

Meghan McCain, the 24-year-old daughter of former Republican presidential nominee John McCain, will be among the featured speakers at the annual convention of the Log Cabin Republicans, a homosexual activist group. The title of Meghan McCain's speech is "Winning the Next Generation -- How can the Republican Party attract more young voters." Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says McCain is taking the wrong message to young voters. "I'm afraid that some Republicans are going to think, 'Hey, we have to go pro-gay and try to be hip to get the youth vote,'" suggests LaBarbera. "Look, the kind of youth who are going to be the long-term heroes in the Republican Party are going to be the principled youth of today -- and the principled youth don't want us to play around or go half-way on homosexuality, or just fight gay marriage and not anything else."
Also speaking April 17 at the Log Cabin conference will be Steve Schmidt, John McCain's former campaign manager. The topic of Schmidt's address is "Moving Forward." LaBarbera admits he feels "very sorry" for people like Schmidt, who has a lesbian sister who is living in a domestic-partner relationship. "They believe that they're showing love for their family member by promoting homosexuality and embracing homosexuality -- and that's just not the case," the Christian activist emphasizes. "Homosexuality is a sin whether your sister or brother or son is engaged in it. We want to hope that those people will come out of that lifestyle because it's wrong." Newly elected Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has also been invited to speak at the Log Cabin convention, but LaBarbera and other social conservatives are urging Steele to turn down the offer.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Montana church wins free speech case.

According to, "The Canyon Ferry Baptist Church in East Helena, Montana, ran into trouble with a state commissioner when it showed a video supporting traditional marriage in an evening service and urged members to support a constitutional marriage amendment on an upcoming ballot. Based on a complaint from a homosexual activist group, the commissioner said the church should register as an "incidental political committee," according to an Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) press release. After the state launched an aggressive probe, ADF filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the church in June 2004, but the court ruled against the church. ADF attorney Gary McCaleb tells OneNewsNow he appealed the case in 2006 and finally received a favorable ruling earlier this week. "The Ninth Circuit reversed the lower court [ruling], saying it was unconstitutional for the state to regulate a church when all it was doing was engaging in free-speech activities," he contends. "It had made no financial contribution and yet was being treated exactly the same as a political committee in Montana." McCaleb is thankful the judge ruled the church was within constitutional safeguards. "It's a very important decision that sends a clear message, as Judge Noonan did writing on his concurrence, that churches have an essential part in the democratic life of the United States," he adds. "And the freedom of religion is the first freedom in our Bill of Rights."