Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ford Motor Co. supports Homosexual Agenda - Join the Boycott

The American Family Association and others began a boycott of Ford in March 2006 after Ford reneged on a commitment to stop funding homosexual groups. Ford's sales have declined in 20 of the 23 months since the boycott began. The company's sales increased in two months and were flat in one month. See chart. The American Family Association asked the company to adopt a policy of neutrality in the culture war, but Ford has refused. Evidently Ford cares more about supporting a small minority defined by their sexual behavior than they do about the people who keep them in business - their customers. Since the boycott, nearly 780,000 individuals have signed AFA's pledge to boycott Ford. We as Christians should not support businesses that actively seek support of the homosexual agenda. Obviously, it is hard to boycott every business out there that may be actively working contrary to what we, as christians and those that practice racial integrity (no miscegenation ) believe in. However, we should attempt to boycott those businesses when we are able to. Ford Motor Company is just one of those. Ford Motor Company actively advertise in gay magazines, such as The Advocate, sponsor homosexual events, and contribute literally millions of dollars to their causes, and even will pay for their own employees if they decide to have a sex change. Truly, Ford Motor Company is no friend to America and its future. In fact, so bad is the boycott, that 78 dealers in the Texas and Arkansas area wrote a letter to Ford Motor Co. requesting that they stop advertising in controversial magazines, such as The Advocate, and stop sponsoring gay events. However, Ford Motor Co. ignored the dealerships' request. You can go to AFA's website and actually read the letter from the 78 dealerships. Truly, what a sick and perverse age we are living in. An age of Sodom and Gamorah. We are in a struggle of literally life or death for our race, culture, and homeland. Our children are depending on us to fight for them. Will you let them down. We need to do our part, however big or small we may think it is. So, Take Action! Don't support Ford Motor Company and support AFA's pledge in boycotting Ford. Ford Motor Co. needs to realize that their agenda and support for this perverted lifestyle will not go unnotice. Until then.

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