Thursday, March 20, 2008

Silencing Christians.

I would encourage everyone to go to This is a great website which has videos which deals with specific incidents of Christians that are being denied the right to preach Christianity or to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. So often liberals and those that hate Christians will try to claim there is a "separation of Church and State." However, are you aware that it is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution or any legal document of the founding fathers? At, you’ll learn how this “sacred cow” of the liberal left only applies when it is being used to keep “Christ” out of school. Learn how Islam is being promoted in California public schools while the name of Jesus is prohibited in Nevada by an individual student speaking of her own personal beliefs. Plus, conservative speaker Ann Coulter sits down with Janet Parshall to discuss the hypocrisy of the tolerance movement and what it does to silence the voices of Christians and conservatives. Don’t miss this eye-opening program.
We are at a unique time in our American history when the far left is more than ever pushing its anti-Christian agenda, such as miscegenation and homosexual agenda in our public schools, and unfortunately, our churches, which are buying into this. One of the reasons this is being allowed as Christians, we are apathetic. WE allow it to happen because we don't stand and say NO. We instead keep silent and don't support causes that stops the liberal agenda, and this includes actually contributing and financially backing the movement. Unlike the liberals, like minded white nationalists are a very tight pocket group that won't support the cause financially. For example, the Seattle-based Pride Foundation this week announced the establishment of a new fund from the estate of Ric Weiland. Ric Weiland was one of the first five employees for Microsoft, Inc, and was a personal friend of Bill Gates. A number of LGBT and HIV/AIDS organizations, including the Task Force, were named as beneficiaries of the $65 million bequest, which will be paid out over an eight-year period. $65 million dollars to those groups that are bent to destroy our future and our children. How much are we spending for our cause that we supposedly believe in? Ric Weiland believed in his pathetic and anti-Christian cause until his death, will we? Don't be silent anymore, be active, dont' cave in, and financially support the White Nationalist Cause.

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I checked out the website you mentioned, It's Great!