Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First day of Same Sex Marriage in California

The Concerned Womens of America press release states, "Today, June 17, is the first full day of same-sex marriages in California. The state's supreme court imposed same-sex marriage on California - and effectively on the rest of us - despite the vote of the people in 2000 to support marriage in Proposition 22 and despite the fact that a state constitutional amendment will be on this fall's ballot.
Our nation is in moral, spiritual, and cultural distress. But God has shown us mercy time and time again.
Our nation began when God amazingly delivered us from George III's tyranny during the War for Independence. It would have been reasonable for people in 1776 to conclude that there was absolutely no way they could ever hope to win a war against the world's superpower at that time - Great Britain. But, they called out to the Lord and they took a stand for liberty. There was a great outpouring of God's mercy in the years before that war. George Washington rightly gave credit to the Lord in celebrating "such reiterated and astonishing interpositions of Providence."
Today, the circumstances may feel overwhelming, but we must trust in God and turn to Him in times of peril when our liberty is threatened. Please join us in prayer for our nation.
For your consideration:
II Chronicles 7:14 is the well known verse that so many in our modern era stand on as God's faithful promise.
Psalm 35 was the appointed prayer which the Rev. Duche read during the famous prayer in the Continental Congress in 1774."
You can find articles here with details about CWA's Day of Prayer and Fasting for marriage, http://www.cwfa.org/dopmarriage.asp

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