Monday, July 14, 2008

Barack Obama welcomes guests at the annual White Pride Convention - Just Kidding

I thought that would grab your attention. It's almost funny to think that Barack Obama would actually attend and seek support or enourage Whites at any White Nationalist meeting. Well, why not, he received a prideful welcome from the annual NAACP convention Monday night, and just recently spoke at the National Conference of La Raza (which means the Race), which is the national Mexican group that is attempting to break the Western states from the United States and reclaim it for Mexico, and an organization that doesn't want any border security on our Souther states, which ultimately will change America into a non-White country, which will soon look like a third world country. Insain McCain as well spoke at La Raza and is planning to speak at the NAACP convention this coming Wednesday. It seems that both of these Senators are actively trying to seek support from Mexicans, Negroes, Homosexuals, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indians, Mongs, eskimos, aboriginese, ect. Hopefully, I haven't left any group out. Oh, what about the Whites? They are no big deal. As you can tell, I'm hoping to show the irony here that they are trying to seek support from every group imaginable except the whites. You don't see these senators speaking at the Knights Party Convention, Council of Conservative Citizens, the EuroConference with David Duke and Don Black. Why? Because they don't care about the unique and precious culture of White-Europeans. They don't care if it is destroyed. If they did, they would be making statements about it. Either way, Whites lose in November on election day. Until then.

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admin said...

Absolutely. But McCain and Obama wouldn't be where they are if their masters didn't already have them properly trained. The proper attitude in the mainstream is pro-jew and anti-white. one could sift through mountains of historical sources to find out why. but why waste any time when its obvious where the agenda is coming from.