Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kindergartners given homosexual 'pledge cards'

Christian parents more than ever have to be on guard when sending their children to public school. What they don't understand is that as the public schools become more and more tolerant with anti-Christian beliefs, such as homosexuals and (already miscegenation) teachers that you expect will be teaching your children the a,b,c's will be teaching your little boy or girl that marrying and dating the person of the same sex is o.k. Now of course, all teachers don't believe this, but there is a growing amount of teachers that do. Here is one example, in California, a public school teacher passed out a pledge cards that were produced by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, and featured oaths that students would not use "anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender language or slurs," that students would intervene on behalf of homosexual students when possible, and that they would actively support safer schools efforts. And of course, just being a Christian that says I"m against homosexuality and that you believe homosexuality is an abomination would be considered "hate speech and slurs. Tara Miller is a kindergarten teacher at Faith Ringgold School of Arts and Science in Hayward, California. She passed out the pledge cards to her students, which she then asked them to sign. Peter LaBarbera, the president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, is outraged at Miller's actions. "First of all, why is homosexuality as an issue being raised at all in kindergarten? These are students who don't even know what sex is yet, and this teacher is talking to them about homosexuality," he contends. "This is an abuse of these students' minds, and it's just wrong."
According to a report on, one parent was angry when she found her child's signature on the pledge card. LaBarbera believes this instance highlights the real agenda of the homosexual movement. "This is just bizarre, and it shows how the teachers with their radical sexual agenda want to start early to reprogram these kids' minds. They want to undermine the faith teachings that the kids have at home; this is part of a plan," he suggests. In the same report on, a spokesperson for the school agreed that the pledge was inappropriate for the kindergarten students and said that the pledges were meant for middle school and high school students.
Now, what would have happened, if a Christian teacher or one that was a White Nationalists would hand out a pledge card saying that you would not tolerate or allow other students make slurs or make comments that were anti-Christian or anti-White. That teacher would have been fired on the spot, and would have been on the news nationwide. The teacher would have probably been stripped of her teaching degree, and the school probably would have been sued. Ladies and Gentleman, your children are at a high risk when they attend public schools. If they are in public school, be on guard. Watch out. Be involved. If you can, homeschool your chilren. Your children's future is too important. Until then.

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akia0812162 said...

This has got to be stopped . I am a proud member of the knights party but stuck sending my kids to public school for now. what could I do legally if this happened in their school?