Sunday, January 18, 2009

The destruction of our White Christian America

Jon Meacham of Newsweek just wrote an article titled: OBAMA’S AMERICA Who We Are Now, "We have a new president. But he, too, has a new nation to lead, one that's changing almost beyond recognition." Published Jan 17, 2009. ( read the full article at It's an article that basically outlines why America is becoming virtually a non-White Christian Nation. One that will not reflect those that built this country, the White Europeans. Instead, it is fastly becoming and shortly will become a nation that will look like a typical third world nation (code word for non-White). The White Nationalist and Racialist movement for decades have been sounding this alarm. Few people would listen and most would just mock and say you are being paranoid. However, the White Nationalist Movement could see the writing on the wall, the destruction that was befalling on our country and our people. It hasn't been until the last decade that major newspapers such as Newsweek, Time, and others started to acknowlege that America was changing fast. Now with the election of Barack Hussein Obama (we just changed one Hussein for another), it just confirmed everything the White Nationalist Movement has been saying. In this article by Jon Meacham, he writes, "The message seemed mixed. It was 3 o'clock on the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 3, 1965, and President Lyndon B. Johnson had come to the foot of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor to sign the unsexily named Immigration and Nationality Act. It was a grand and sentimental stage for Johnson, who loved the grand and the sentimental. There he was, less than a year into a term he'd won in the greatest of landslides over Barry Goldwater, at the mythic gateway to America, Robert and Ted Kennedy in the audience, the eyes of the press fixed on him in the shadows of the nation's most fabled icon of freedom. "Our beautiful America was built by a nation of strangers," Johnson said, reaching for political poetry. "From a hundred different places or more they have poured forth into an empty land, joining and blending in one mighty and irresistible tide." (Yes, strangers that came from white European countries that had a similar beliefs and culture, and was made up of the same people.) He continues, "But the president was openly ambivalent, too. "The bill that we sign today is not a revolutionary bill," he said, defensively, almost as though to reassure white Americans that they had nothing to fear. "It does not affect the lives of millions. It will not reshape the structure of our daily lives, or really add importantly to either our wealth or our power." "To borrow an old line about Winston Churchill, when Lyndon Johnson was right, he was right, but when he was wrong, well, my God." Jon Meacham continues, "On reflection, the bill LBJ signed on that October day was one of the most significant of his momentous presidency, and the virtually forgotten legislation played a key role in creating the America that made this week's inauguration of Barack Obama possible." See we are in the mess we are in by the most part because of that legislation that literally allowed millions and millions on non-White aliens to come to our country (excluding the millions and millions of illegal aliens coming across our borders).

Now, here are some startling facts that most aren't aware of that Jon Meacham proudly states: "The new reality is reflected in the NEWSWEEK Poll. Sixteen years ago, in the wake of the recession of 1991–92, anti-immigrant sentiment ran high, with 60 percent of Americans saying that they thought current immigration to the United States was a bad thing on the whole, and only 29 percent saying it was a good thing. Now the public is evenly divided, 44 percent to 44 percent. The percentage saying there are too many people coming to America from Africa has dropped from 47 percent in 1992 to 21 percent. Closer to home, public approval of interracial marriages (like the one between Obama's parents) has risen significantly in the past decade, from 54 percent in 1995 to 80 percent today. The percentage of Americans who say they know a mixed-race couple has risen from 58 to 79 percent since 1995, and more than a third (34 percent) say they or a close family member have married or live with someone of another race or who has a very different racial, ethnic or religious background, including a quarter (24 percent) who say it is specifically an interracial marriage or live-in relationship.
By and large, the younger you are, the more assimilated you are in this new tapestry of daily life. The key cohort is the 75 million-strong generation known as the millennials (those born roughly between 1980 and 2000). To state the obvious, the experiences of the younger generation—now voting and beginning their adult lives—are not the experiences of their parents or of their grandparents..."
"And 2009 is only the beginning of the story. According to Pew, if current trends continue, the U.S. population will rise from 296 million in 2005 to 438 million in 2050. Eighty-two percent—let me repeat that: 82 percent—of the increase will be attributable to immigrants arriving after 2005 and to their descendants. By that point, whites may make up only 47 percent of the country, ending centuries of a majority-white America." May we pray for God in this terrible time that He will give us strength to stay courageous and remain faithful to His laws, to His White-Euopean people, and to our Country.

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