Friday, February 20, 2009

Firefighters win lawsuit over "sodomite" parade participation

In the land of fruits and nuts, four San Diego firefighters have won a discrimination lawsuit. Brian Rooney of the Thomas More Law Center points out that all four of the firefighters are Christians, husbands, and fathers. He explains the case. "The firefighters were ordered against their will by the fire chief of San Diego Fire Department (picture on the lower right), who is an open lesbian, to participate in a so-called gay pride parade that happens every year in San Diego," he notes. According to a Thomas More press release, during the all-day event, the firefighters "were subjected to vile sexual taunts and gestures along the parade route." At the trial on Wednesday, the jury ruled in favor of the firefighters, claiming they were subjected to discrimination. "It was a great victory for the courage that they had, but more important it was a moral victory because what this will do is not only make sure that it never happens in San Diego again," Rooney contends, "but it will give firefighters, policemen, and other city workers throughout the country the moral courage to stand up and say, 'I'm not going to be subjected to these kinds of things any longer.'" The San Diego city attorney plans to appeal, but Rooney is confident of winning on that level, too. It's hard to imagine in America that we are actually witnessing the days of Sodom and Gamorrah. Who would have thought that we actually be seeing Christian men forced to participate in a sodomite parade, where these firefighters were being "hit" on by queers, and where these sodomites were attempting to make sexual advances towards these firefighters. If you read the story of Sodom and Gamorrah were the angels of God went to the city to warn Lot of the destruction of these cities, and the sodomites wanted the angels to come out of Lots house in order to have sexual relations with them, one can easily see how the story is not too far off from these firefighters. May we have courage in these troublesome times. Until then.

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