Wednesday, April 8, 2009

URGENT. DREAM amnesty in danger of passing.

-------Reprinted. from Roy Beck of NumbersUSA.-----

DREAM amnesty in danger of passing -- contact your Senators while they are home

DEAR FRIENDS, We're in a bit of an emergency, and especially need you to try to attend a townhall meeting while your Members of Congress are home. Several indicators this week suggest that the Senate Majority Leader and the President are doing a full-court press behind the scenes to force passage of the DREAM Amnesty and that they may be successful. In a nutshell (which I'll explain below), the DREAM Act is not primarily about a few illegal-alien kids in high school or in college -- rather it offers an amnesty to nearly all illegal aliens up to the age of 35. It is gigantic. Here is a list we've gathered of local appearances by Members of Congress during this Spring Recess. Unfortunately, many Members have kept their appearances largely secret or just aren't bothering to meet with the voters. But please look for your two Senators and your U.S. Representative. Action No. 1: If you see that your Members of Congress are appearing somewhere in public, make every effort to appear there, too. Perhaps no single act you take will be more influential than if a Senator/Representative while back home is asked an immigration question, hears an immigration comment, sees an immigration sign or hears applause or boos in response to his/her immigration comments. They must see signs while they are home that the introduction of the DREAM amnesty is stirring up opposition. Action No. 2: Go visit one of your Members' local offices over the next 10 days. You may actually catch a Member passing through that office. Even if not, the local staffers are much more on the alert while their boss is out of Washington and back home. Look at the office addresses here. Action No. 3: Make sure you have sent all the faxes and made all the phone calls that have been posted on your Action Buffet corkboard. LA RAZA, ETC. ARE PUSHING TO PACK THESE MEETINGS The open-borders groups of the National Council of La Raza, immigration lawyers, etc., are engaged in a national campaign this week and next to pack as many people as possible into townhall meetings to clamor for "reform" that stops enforcement that "breaks up families" and to pass the DREAM Act "for the kids." Fortunately, the open-borders groups don't really have that much of a constituency. But we must not risk their voices being the main ones heard by Congress in townhall meetings. Top leaders of major religious groups are also pushing their clerics and lay leaders to attend the townhall meetings to call for the DREAM Act as a way to honor Easter and Passover. This strikes me as close to sacrilege to suggest that these high holy days are an excuse for helping the greediest of corporations to keep wages low and to have easier access to foreign labor while Americans suffer one of the highest unemployment rates in their history. Read the DREAM blog by Rosemary Jenks (NumbersUSA's Director of Government Relations). It may blow your mind. It certainly will make your blood boil. Every supporter (and even many opponents) of the DREAM Act will say that it is about unfortunate illegal-alien kids caught in a dilemma because their parents broke the law. In fact, kids are a minor part of this bill. Rosemary and her Hill Team have analyzed every line of the DREAM Act, and she tells you in the blog how:

The DREAM Act offers immediate provisional amnesty to virtually every illegal alien up to the age of 35. All a person has to do is file an application that CLAIMS to meet the criteria. That gives the illegal aliens an immediate provisional amnesty. Although the feds may eventually require some papers to back up the CLAIMS, you can be sure that the fraudulant document industry is already preparing the counterfeit plates to turn out these false documents at a good profit (they have done so for every other amnesty). The likelihood of any illegal alien losing the amnesty because of fraud is unlikely because DREAM is written so that nobody can lose the amnesty unless the feds do the expensive investigation to PROVE that the illegal alien isn't qualified.

Rosemary also shows that the DREAM Act opens the way for a pathway to citizenship for most of the illegal aliens who are OVER the age of 35 if they are related to illegal aliens under 35. Unless an amnesty eliminates Chain Migration categories, it will always open the way for millions upon millions more relatives, including those who are illegally already in this country.If you encounter Members of Congress who argue for amnesty "for the kids," tell them to write a bill that narrowly does that -- not support a bill that offers the chance of citizenship to MILLIONS of illegal aliens. Tell them that a bill that was serious about helping illegal-alien kids would:

include mandatory workplace E-Verify for every employer to ensure there was no jobs magnet for millions of people who otherwise would be enticed by the amnesty to become illegal aliens;

include an elimination of chain migration categories so the criminal parents who put the kids into this predicament can't get citizenship, and so this moderate-sized amnesty for the kids doesn't end up bringing giant numbers of relatives to compete with unemployed Americans;

include requirements that applicants PROVE they meet narrowly drawn criteria.The DREAM Act does none of those. If you call a congressional office or talk directly to a Senator (even one of our allies), there is a good chance that he/she won't know what Rosemary told you in those bullet points above. It is up to all of you to be an army of truth to get the word out because the open-borders people have spent millions of dollars to market the lie. THANKS,

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