Tuesday, April 19, 2011

White children in the minority in 10 states

For years, the white nationalist movement has been sounding the alarm of America becoming a non-white country, and when that happens, our culture, morality, religion, heritage, and safety will change. Just look at all non-white countries, and they are all third world countries. America is becoming a third world country, especially in our large metropolitan cities. They are no longer safe to drive at night time and many cases even in the day time, especially in certain areas. I wonder what colors those areas are. They definitely are not white areas. With America's white children being the minorities in these 10 states, and other states following, will they be safe? Will they have a future? Will our people have a future? Will you care enough to do anything and get involved in helping to preserve a future for white children?

reprinted from CNN

White children are now in the minority among people under 18 in 10 U.S. states and 35 large metro areas, according to a Brookings analysis of 2010 Census data.

The number of white children in metro areas including Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Orlando, Florida; and Phoenix, Arizona, fell below that of other children in the last decade as the population of white children nationwide declined by 4.3 million, the report said.

The decline occurred as the number of children identified as "new minorities" – Hispanics, Asians and other racial groups apart from whites, blacks and American Indians – grew by 5.5 million, the report said.

Hispanics registered an increase of 4.8 million, which kept the nation's overall child population from declining, the report said. The findings reflect changes in the racial makeup of the overall U.S. population with Hispanics becoming the nation's largest and fastest growing minority group.

Hispanics now comprise 23% of children, up from 12% in 1990, while whites now comprise just 53% of youth, down from nearly 70% in 1990.

The findings also underscore projections that the country will become "white minority" by 2042 as the race's median age keeps increasing. The child population stands to hit that mark in 2023.

"Slower growth among whites owes in part to their lower fertility rate – about 1.9 births per white woman, compared with 3.0 births per Hispanic woman – as well as a relatively low contribution to population growth from immigration" the report stated.

From 2000 to 2009, only 15% of growth in the immigrant population was attributable to whites, compared with 78% for Hispanics, Asians and other new minorities.

The report also said the aging white population contributes to a lower growth rate because proportionately, fewer white women are in their child-bearing years.

"The median age of whites is 41, compared to 27 for Hispanics, 35 for Asians, and a staggering 20 for the population of more than one race. As a further reflection of these age differences by race and ethnicity, just one-fifth of U.S. whites are under age 18, compared with one-third of all Hispanics."

The study also found that the decline in white children reduced the growth rate of the overall child population, from 13.7% in the 1990s to 2.6% in the 2000s. Though variation from state to state in child growth was considerable, on the whole, 46 states registered declines in their white child populations.

Not surprisingly, most of the states that experienced growth in populations of minority children are the ones where white children are in the minority: California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi and Maryland.


pete said...

Mr Robb. Do you actually believe the inner cities and 'less white'areas of the US are safer?

I flew 1000 missions as one of Air Evac's original medical crew members. I ran Carroll County EMS, taught in the allied health program at NAC, and worked 12 years in BV and Harrison ER.

My stats are old but have changed little. NYC has a murder rate of 1 per 12,000 people each year, LR is 1/8000. EVERY one of the 12 years I worked EMS in Carroll County we had 1-4 murders JUST in Green Forest, (Population 1900 I believe). At that time there was one black in the entire county, and few to no Hispanic.

In flight medicine we went to the worst of the worst all over NW AR, E OK, S MO. Violent crime is NOT greater in Metro areas, Per Capita Human nature is fairly consistent. But the poor white areas of NW AR, (the scoal spittin, deer huntin, Rush lovin, non beer drinkin bible belt rednecks some might say), are a shame to humans of any melanin content.

Don Tyson had 900 positions open in BV in 91 where there was an active unemployment/welfare culture. Americans want their McNuggets but won't pluck the chicken. Branson McDonalds had a 1000 signing bonus for basic help in 90, motels couldn't get domestics. Today Branson imports workers, (legally), from all over the world. Immigrants do NOT take anyone's job, it is expensive to bring housekeepers from the Ukraine or Caribbean but they have little choice.

Read a Bible. The covenant was NOT to an ethnicity. It was a conditional contract that you are uniquely qualified to understand. If you kept the law you were "his". If you did not you were put out of the camp. EVERY covenant reading includes the Stranger, fatherless, and widow. If the Stranger within your gates kept the law, was circumcised, and participated in passover they were to be accepted "as one born in your house".
Legal precedent began with Moses foreign wife, Rahab, Tamar, and a product of homeless alcoholic
incest, Ruth G Grandma of David.
When Christ said to the Pharisees "Abraham is not your father, else you would do his works" he was merely presenting a 'supreme court' Constitutional ruling on ORIGINAL Levitical wording.

As European Americans, (2 parents, 4 grand, 8,16...is at least 300K 350 years ago),we ALL have both mayflower and native Am blood, and 'Mix' 'Mex'-icans with Spanish blood most likely have as much or more Jewish Blood than 'pure'[?] European descendants. See Spanish History and the Millions of Jews who integrated rather than face racism, including Spanish Royalty.
But when they left Judaism they ceased to be Israel according to the law.

Today Whites have engineered their own extinction. The "birth dearth", abortion, career over family.... have left us desolate... IF we depend on DNA anyway.
Thank God, he never has.

Science, History, and logic conspire to defeat your entire premise sir.

xhyanghwa said...

"If your heritage is non-African, you are part Neanderthal, according to a new study in the July issue of Molecular Biology and Evolution... Geneticists at the University of Montreal determined some of the human X chromosome originates from Neanderthals, but only in people of non-African heritage... This confirms recent findings suggesting that the two populations interbred. The team believes most, if not all, of the interbreeding took place in the Middle East, while modern humans were migrating out of Africa and spreading to other regions."

dulce requiem latear said...