Monday, January 23, 2012

White women are warned of non-white sexual attacks in Oslo, Norway

U.S. Embassy Warnings in Oslo

By Rachel Pendergraft

The U.S. embassy in Oslo, Norway is warning U.S. citizens in Oslo to stay inside at night and to take extra care when going outside. Unfortunately, it doesn’t warn them about who they should be looking out for. To the casual reader of the notice one would believe that the Norwegians are very violent, but wait a minute.

In 2010 there were 24 rapes and as of October of 2011 there were 48 rapes and a reported 60 rapes by the end of the year. Alerts are being put out to be on guard for “non -western looking men.” And recent attackers of a 17 year old girl were described as, “dark skinned and round of face.”

check out this news report below from June 2011 and remember that Oslo only has about 500,000 residents.

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