Sunday, April 29, 2012

White Alabama Man Beaten by Twenty Blacks

reprinted from Godfather politics. April 27, 2012 byda Tagliare Ever since the Trayvon Martin shooting, more and more reports of black on white crimes are being made public. And the one thing they all seem to have in common besides blacks attacking white, is that no one sees them as being racial hate crimes as they did with Trayvon. In one of the latest incidents of black on white crime occurred this past Saturday in Mobile, Alabama, when Matthew Owens confronted a group of blacks that were stealing items off of people’s patios and front porches. Owens’ sister Ashley Parker observed the blacks criminal activity and told her brother. He confronted the black youths and asked them to stop stealing and to go back home and bring their parents so he could talk to them. A short time later, the black youths returned with reinforcements and attacked Matthew. Nearly twenty of them hit him with baseball bats, a chair, a can of paint, brass knuckles and anything else they could get their hands on. Ashley feared the black mob were killing her brother and when they finally stopped the beating she found him lying on the ground unconscious and covered in blood. According to a black neighbor, a basketball belonging to the black youths rolled into Owens’ yard, igniting him into a furor of swearing and name calling using the ‘n’ word. It was then that they attacked and beat Owens’ to within an inch of his life. The same neighbor described Owens as a racist and a drunk. On Tuesday, police did make an arrest of one of the blacks involved in the beating and it just so happens that he lives in the same house as the black lady who blamed Owens for the attack. The 44 year old man was charged with first degree assault. The police also stated that they believed the attack was committed by only four people and the others just stood and watched, but this is being contested by Parker who said they were all involved in the beating. Although there are conflicting stories as to the cause of the beating, only one thing has been verified in the attack. During the attack, one of the blacks involved hollered that this was for Trayvon. The racially motivated statement was heard not only by Owens sister, but by other witnesses. With the reference of Trayvon being used by at least one of the attackers, coupled with the overwhelming number of assailants makes this a hate crime. However, in typical fashion, no hate crime allegations are being made against any of the assailants and you don’t see or hear Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson flying down to Mobile to defend a white victim of an obvious racially motivated hate crime. They only see racial hatred when it looks in one direction and not any other. Their hypocrisy, silence and inaction only pours more fuel on the race fires that they keep burning. If they really want to stop racially motivated hate crimes, they need to be fair and speak out against it regardless of which color is attacking the other. But by not doing so, in my book, makes people like Sharpton and Jackson to be the biggest racial bigots in the nation and perhaps they need to be investigated and charged with racial hate crimes themselves.


Crow Feather said...

U think that u r loving God? That is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. What I see is THE VERY OPPOSITE. In my opinion, u see yourselves, not God, as the most powerful beings. I can almost assure u that u will all rot in hell.

Johnson Smith said...

If they really want to stop racially motivated hate crimes, they need to be fair and speak out against it regardless of which color is attacking the other. i really appreciate with your post.

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