Monday, December 29, 2014

Continue to Resist in 2015

2015 is fast upon us and we all need to continue to resist the change that is being shoved down our throats. We need to resist the attempt to destroy our families, we need resist the mescegenation of the races, and resist sodomy. Our white heritage and culture is being destroyed and we need to resist white genocide. We have the right to exist. It is that simple. In 2015, we need to continue to spread the message of White Christian revival and attempt to awaken our lost White brothers and sisters, where ever they may be.

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archer said...

i have found that we the people is just another word for live stock. we are not people any more cause we do not have rights any more the constitution is worthless now Gov. agents and the dept. they work for are so corrupt and shown them self to be just criminals by their actions and not one has stepped up to protect the constitution as their oath and paycheck for that. so that in itself is criminal laws breaking breech of duty and contract (LAWS) broken