Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Faith and Freedom Conference in April

The national Faith and Freedom Conference with be at the Christian Revival Center outside of Harrison, AR on April 3, 4, and 5. Special guest speakers will be Dr. Ed Fields from Georgia. He has been faithfully involved in the white resistance since the mid 1950's with the state rights party and is the publisher of the Truth at Last; Willis Carto from Washington, D.C, with the American Free Press, former Liberty Lobby and the Barnes Review. He has been involved in the white resistance since the 1950s as well. Lastly, we will have Paul Fromm, the director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. He travels throughout Canada, U.S. and Europe sounding alarm of White genocide. He is also the spokesman for the European American Heritage Festival in Pulaski, TN that is held every year in October. Our regular speakers will also include Pastor Thomas Robb, Billy Roper, Rachel Pendergraft, and myself. Faith and Freedom is an excellent time to bring your family and children and associate with others that love American and want to preserve it. We are facing White genocide and we need to instill in our children the sense of pride in their race, culture, and homeland. Make plans now by calling 870-427-3414 or email: to get more information. Don't miss it.

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