Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Kentucky judge that required Kim Davis to be jailed also allowed sodomite club in Kentucky school in 2004.

There has been much talk about Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk that refused to give marriage license to sodomite couples, and her being thrown in jail by U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning. However, Kim Davis did not break any law. She was simply following the laws of Kentucky and the U.S. Constitution. She didn't break any laws. The U.S. Supreme Court cannot make any laws. That is specifically given to the U.S. Constitution under Article I. The Supreme Court can only render an opinion. As a result, we see an extremist that held an elected official in contempt for simply following the laws of her state. She was elected by the people of the county in Kentucky. She wasn't elected by the activist judge. But the activist judge is very much anti-Christian. He had previously issued a ruling allowing sodomite clubs in Kentucky school against the will of the parents in the local school district in Kentucky in 2004. Not only did he allow the club in the school, but he went further and required that all students and teachers be required to be indoctrinated with watching videos how great sodomites. He even said that would not allow students to opt out of the indoctrination program. These are the type of judges that need to be impeached and removed from office. Here is the full article regarding this activist judge.

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