Monday, January 21, 2008

Celebrating Robert E. Lee Day

Today the Boone County Courthouse in Harrison, Arkansas was closed for General Robert E. Lee day, as well as the Marion County Courthouse in Yellville, Arkansas, and Newton County Courthouse in Jasper, Arkansas, just to name a few. Unfortunately, along with the signs that said closed in observance of Robert E. Lee, these courthouses were also closed for the Black Communist agitator, Martin Luther King, Jr. However, one is a state holiday and the other was a federal holiday. That being said, it is still good to see that some courthouse administrators have at least some guts to put on the doors to the courthouses that the courthouses were being closed for "Robert E. Lee Day." Unfortunately, few people today realize that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a known Communism, and in fact, his FBI record is sealed until 2027. I wonder why? However, unlike MLK, Robert E. Lee was a true Christian patriot. This is what Edward Clifford Gordon, Lee's Assistant at Washington College in Charles Bracelen Flood's said in Lee: The Last Years (p. 213-14). " Intellectually (Lee) was cast in gigantic mold. Naturally he was possessed of strong passions. He loved excitement, particularly the excitement of war. He loved grandeur. But all these appetites and powers were brought under the control of his judgment and made subservient to his Christian faith. This made him habitually unselfish and ever willing to sacrifice himself on the alter of duty and in the service of his fellows....He is an epistle, written of God and designed by God to teach the people of this country that earthly success is not the criterion of merit, nor the measure of true greatness." Happy Robert E. Lee Day. Until then.

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