Sunday, January 20, 2008

Robert E. Lee, a God fearing man

This weekend, many in the South will be honoring perhaps the greatest general in the South and the North (yes, he was a Northern military leader before the War between the States began), that being Robert E. Lee. Several states through out the South has created Robert E. Lee day. Here in Arkansas, Robert E. Lee day is celebrated, unfortunately on the same day as the Communist black agitator, Martin Luther King, Jr., (which is a shameful mark on our nation by itself) (A picture of Martin Luther King speaking at the Highlander Research Center at Mt. Eagle, TN). which will be celebrated tommorow, January 21, 2008. Many court houses will be closed on that day. For example, the Boone County Court house will not be open tomorrow because of this day (as well as MLK). I'm hoping to have a picture of this tomorrow. What made General Lee great was not only that he was a brilliant military strategist and general, but he was a devout Christian. He lived as a Christian, his actions were that of a Christian, even in battle, and he deeply loved his home land and most of all his God. Here is one quote from General Lee. "I Trust that a kind Providence will watch over us, and not withstanding our weakness and sins will yet give us a name and place among the nations of the earth." R.E. Lee in a letter to his wife, June 3, 1863 (The Wartime Papers of R.E.Lee., p. 500). R.E. Lee truly was a great Christian. He never forgot that God had his hands in all affairs of men, and he never forgot God's commandments. "Beware that thou forget not the Lord thy God, in not keeping his commandments, and his judgments, and his statutes, which I command thee this day." (Deut. 8:11). Unfortunately, this can be seldom said of our leaders today, and unfortunately, the so called judeo-christian minsters, who don't follow the teachings of the Bible, who only cares about their wallet or how someone else perceives them because they don't want to offend anyone. Remember, we as Christians must portray a Christian spirit, especially to others. We are always being looked at and being studied by others, and they will judge us and deal with us by our Christian actions. Our families, our children, and our friends will look at us to see what type of a person we are. Therefore, let us look at the great Christian General Lee as someone we can aspire to be. Until then.

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