Wednesday, April 23, 2008

News from the perverted Gay and Lesbian Task Force

The Miami-Dade County Economic Development and Human Services Committee in the state of Florida last week voted 3 to 1 to send the Domestic Partners and Family Health Coverage Ordinance out of committee for review and final vote before the entire Miami-Dade County Commission. The final reading of the ordinance and the actual vote is currently expected to take place on May 6, and the measure is expected to pass according to the Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Michael Bath, the Task Force Special Events Manager in Miami, FL stated “Walking into the commission chamber, I felt like I had stumbled into the secret sanctuary of a super-hero team — many of the stalwarts of the Miami-Dade LGBT community were there. Over 75 people showed up to speak for the ordinance. The opposition was represented by six people who looked like they had lemons for breakfast.” It is a shame when not only in the State of Florida, but all of Miami-Dade County area, only 6 people showed up to oppose this ordinance. That's right, 6 people. Where were all the so called Christians in this county? No where. The fact is these Judeo-Christians (which really aren't Christians, but a perverted form of Christianity since they have adopted Judiasm, an anti-Christ religion) will run and hide if there is a controversy, or will be apathetic about such proposals, and will just claim we need to pray and do nothing. God orders for us to take action, he orders us to oppose this filth that is penatrating our politics and our religion. We should be attending these hearings, sending emails, call our senators and representatives, and let our voices be heard. Because if we don't, our children will suffer. How much do you care what world your children will live in? These homosexual, anti-Christian activists are definitely being active, and as a result, are pushing forward in their agenda.
Lastly, LGBT states, "Standing courageously In the Eye of the Storm Episcopalian Bishop V. Gene Robinson, who was a featured speaker at the Task Force’s 2008 National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change, will be signing copies of In the Eye of the Storm, his timely, courageous and revealing personal memoir. In 2003, Robinson was elected as the bishop of New Hampshire — the first openly gay man to be called to serve in such a position." "He will be signing copies on Thursday, April 24, from 5:30–8:30 p.m. at the Holy Apostles Episcopal Parish, located at 296 Ninth Avenue (at 28 Street) in New York, N.Y. The event is co-sponsored by the General Theological Seminary." Imagine 20 or 30 years, for an openly homosexual bishop be considered a great man in a so called Christian church. It would have never happened. However, as our country continues to slide down the path of away from a Christian country, and we only live in a country that had the memory of a Christian country, we will continue to see homosexuals getting behind the pulpits of our churches, seeing them teaching our children in schools, and continue to push their agenda in society in general. If you attend one of these Judeo-Christian churches, is your pastor actively fighting the homosexual agenda? Is he actually fighting race-mixing, which destroys our precious heritage and culture? If he isn't why do you still attend it? Until then.


Randy said...

I thank you for this article.I oppose the gays and percerted homos.The other day in walnut Creek Calif. my young 2 boys witnessed 2 high school girls on top of 1 another kissing.Disguting and I do not want my boys exposed to any gay thing,any where,any time.And no it is always a marriage between a man and a woman.Keep the fight up for the Christian faith.Randy

Randy said...

About P&G.I called tonight,did not have the option to pres 2,but did press 1 and they are now giving you an email address.Too bad this huge company stoops sooooooooooo lowwwwwwwwww.