Friday, August 15, 2008

Germans retain custody of children because of homeschooling

Another German home-schooling family is under attack. Home schooling is illegal in Germany. According to, "in January, police raided a family's home (the Gorbers) and took custody of six of their children. Mike Donnelly, an attorney with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), says the parents have had a hearing during which the court ruled the children must remain in state custody. The picture on the right are supporters of the Gorbers that came to the family court hearing. 'The judge did order a psychological evaluation of the parents, which is pretty standard in these kinds of cases,' he explains. 'It seems like the German courts think that anybody who would want to home school their children is crazy.' The Gorbers regained custody of their three-year-old son following the court session and were granted increased visitation rights for some of the other children. The HSLDA attorney notes that the court apparently paid no attention to one factor in the case. "The key is this," Donnelly adds. "All the children have already had psychological evaluations, and the children's psychological evaluations came back fine -- so there's the fruit. You can judge the tree by its fruit." The parents will have a post-evaluation court date, but Donnelly does not expect the hearing will favor the parents. HSLDA notes that Germany has Europe's highest incidence of removing children from their homes. Statistics indicate the removal of children from their homes was up 12.5 percent this year in Germany while the number of abused children remained the same." The ultra liberals, one-worlders in many countries including the United States do not like the fact that parents believe it is their God given right to raise their children. They instead believe it is the state's responsibility to raise the children, to teach the children values, and morals; not the parents. And if parents want to raise their own children when their own values and morals, then it is because they are psychologically disturbed. Pray for this famill and all families in Germany that are standing up for this abuse. Until then.

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