Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jason Robb in MSN Report

A while back, the Associated Press contacted me regarding my thoughts on how the racialist movement would react if Barack Obama became President of the United States. Their story was whether the white nationalist movement would increase and be more mobalized. They interviewed others such as David Duke, former Louisiana State Legislature, and former national director of the Knights of the Ku KLux Klan. In the report, the Associated Press wrote, "Jason Robb, a Harrison, Ark., attorney who represents the Klan's Knights Party, describes himself as a "white nationalist." "It doesn't really matter if Obama wins the election or McCain wins the election," Robb said in an interview. "Neither of them are going to try to fight to preserve the white race or heritage." Robb said, however, that Obama's election could prompt more whites to get involved in politics by distributing pamphlets or writing letters to editors." You can read the full story by clicking on the link.

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