Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas-bashing atheist sign in Washington Capitol

The state of Washington's governor is permitting display of a Christmas-bashing atheist sign. As Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver explains, the holiday display in the state Capitol includes a Christmas tree, nativity scene, menorah. "Next to those three symbols is a rant by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, purportedly to celebrate the Winter Solstice -- but it doesn't do anything of the kind," says the Christian attorney. "It's a rant against the existence of God. It claims that there is no god, [that] there are no angels or devils or heaven or hell, and that reason should prevail." Governor Chris Gregoire does not have to permit the atheist sign because it must meet the theme of the display, which it does not, says Staver. The sign, he says, is totally out of place because the other three items are symbols -- not attacks on other religions and their holidays. "It's absolutely outrageous that this sign is there," Staver asserts, "and we ought to call on the governor to remove this travesty." The governor said she has no choice but to allow the sign -- a stance Liberty Counsel labels as "erroneous." The first problem however, is that the nativity scene is next to the menorah. The Menorah (the symbol of Judaism) is not Christian and in fact Judaism specifically teaches that Jesus was born from a whore and that he would live eternally in urine. There is a deep hatred of Jesus. You would have never scene that togather 40 to 50 years ago when our country was still a Christian nation. America used to be a Christian nation, but now we only live in the memories of a Christian nation. Not only was our founding fathers Christians, but the citizens were Christians and this was reflected in our laws, both national and state. Our governmental documents reflected it, and even our Supreme Court at least twice opined that our America was a Christian country. But with the our elected leaders now moved away from Christianity, our judges and other government officials no longer recognize this. Is it a wonder why we are now having displays of this anti-Christian bashing on our state's capitol? Duh... Until then.

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Proud Citizen11 said...

1) Nothing on the sign was untrue.
2) Its called freedom of speech
3) America would be much better off without religion's shackles.
4) Look at the UK if you are looking for a strong liberal country where 60%+ of the population are athiest.

I doubt you will have the conviction in your beliefs to actually publish this comment.