Wednesday, December 31, 2008

U.S. Federal Government continues to import foreign workers despite Americans losing jobs

Well folks, this is the last day of the 2008, and I hope that you all will have a successfull New Year. With that being said, the future years to do not appear bright when we see the quick change our beloved country is going through such as sodomite rights, millions of illegal aliens flooding into our borders, legal aliens being allowed at a number rate from non-white countries, Christianity being destroyed through the false teachings of Judeo-Christianity, the continual destruction of state rights,etc. However, we as White Nationalists have a duty to continue to sound the alarm to our White brothers and sisters of the betrayal of our elected leaders. We have to continue to be involved politically such as being involved in our local politics, passing out literature, and supporting White Nationalist organizations. With the new Obama administration, we unfornately will see a change that will continue this destruction. Now, by all means, don't think the Republican leadership is any better. They have been betraying the White American citizens just as much as the Democrats. One example is the continual policy of allowing Foreign Workers coming into our country while American at the same time our losing their jobs. 533,000 Jobs were Lost in NOV -- But the Feds Imported Another 140,000 Foreign Workers the Same Month! Accoring to Roy Beck, of NumbersUSA, the federal government is reporting another giant loss of jobs for November, "Non-farm employers in the U.S. eliminated 533,000 jobs in November. At the same time, in a typical month the feds give out approximately 140,000 new work permits and green cards to foreign workers. How can this make any sense for the American people's own government to be recruiting more competitors for a dwindling number of jobs? Month after month as hundreds of thousands of Americans lose their jobs, the feds keep pumping another 140,000 new foreign workers into the laborforce. The new foreign workers compete with the laid-off and underemployed highly skilled Americans in most professions and occupations, but most foreign workers compete directly in the construction, service and manufacturing industries where unemployment is the highest and where Americans have the least margin of financial security.
The feds add workers in two major ways.
The most recent government data show that the feds granted greencards to 744,531 new working-age permanent immigrants (age 20-64) in 2007. Every one of them can immediately apply for a job (as can many more immigrants who are below and above that age range).
The Department of Homeland Security reports that in the fiscal year just ended it issued NEW work permits to another 912,735 foreign workers who are not permanent immigrants.
That adds up to an astounding rate of 1,657,266 foreign workers per year, and that doesn't count renewals on foreign work permits or the flow of illegal workers."

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