Tuesday, July 21, 2009

National Education Association's top lawer touts their real purpose

-------forwarded by American Family Association----------
The National Education Association's (NEA) top lawyer, Bob Chanin, recently made clear the goal of the NEA. He called those who believe in and work for traditional family values "b****rds." He also praised the NEA because the organization has "power" and "hundreds of millions" of dollars from dues to spend in promoting their agenda and political candidates.
I have included an article which shows, in their own words, what the NEA is doing. It is time for Christians who are members of the NEA to get out. We are funding the demise of Western Civilization. Please read this article!
Chanin's volley left no doubt where the NEA wants to take the public education system, and our children. It also served as a wake-up call for those who might be considering taking their children out of public schools.
If you are a member of NEA, I suggest you contact some more teacher friends and discuss this matter with them.
If you need legal help, I suggest you contact one of the two organizations listed below:
Liberty Council www.lc.org Alliance Defense Fund www.telladf.org

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Dorothy said...

I wanted to forward your article to my sister who is a teacher but as I read it, I was stopped. I am an African American and a Republican. Your article sounds as if you advocate for Whites only and that you are the keeper of the White race and not Christian values. It truly saddens me. Instead of Christians being advocates for God's people we are again falling into racial divisions. Yet, when God's people who are called by HIS NAME.......