Wednesday, July 15, 2009

National Educational Association supports sodomite marriages.

The NEA recently held its annual convention in San Diego, California, where members voted on two issues of importance to those involved in the culture war. One of those issues was whether the union would support same-gender marriage. As reported by, Jeralee Smith, co-founder of the Conservative Educators Caucus, the resolution passed by roughly a two-thirds majority. "There are quite a few items where the NEA absolutely puts its political muscle behind taking down any legislation in any state that they consider to be discriminatory to homosexuals," says Smith. "And some of the language in the resolution also hints that the NEA will try to take down the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA] on the federal level." Smith told Baptist Press that when a representative of the Conservative Caucus spoke against the resolution and mentioned the words "marriage should be between a man and a woman," the speaker was booed. Also up for a vote was a resolution for the NEA to take a "no position" stance on the issue of abortion. That proposal was voted down 61 percent to 39 percent. During the meeting, the organization's retiring general counsel, Bob Chanin, complained that "conservative and right-wing bastards" are after the NEA and its state affiliates. Smith called that statement "refreshing honesty" on Chanin's part about how he feels about conservatives. (See related article from It should be no surprise why are children are coming out of the public school system without a love for Christianity and for a love of their race. Children from the ages of 5 years old until they are graduate from high school are being bombarded with the teaching to hate their culture and heritage by (1) not being taught of the great achievements of White Europeans, and (2) they are constantly taught how their race have always kept the so called minorities down. As a result, our White children are ashamed of who they are. And now, they are being taught by teachers that they have to accept the gross and perverted lifestyle. If a parent is able, they should immediately remove their children from the public school system and homeschool them. It's your children's future at stake.

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