Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Illegals are "pawns" for socialist agenda

As reported by, "A conservative commentator and author says a recent Senate committee vote "puts the lie to" President Obama's and Democrats' assertion that illegal aliens won't be eligible for coverage under their healthcare plan.

In his speech to Congress last month, President Obama said claims that his healthcare plan would allow coverage to illegal immigrants and taxpayer-funded abortions were "false" and a "misunderstanding" perpetuated by his opponents. However, in the Senate Finance Committee Wednesday -- by near party-line votes -- Democrats rejected separate amendments that would have prohibited federal funding of abortion and required people to prove their identity with photo identification when signing up for health insurance or tax credits under healthcare reform. Phil Kent, national spokesman for Americans for Immigration Control, calls Democrats' vote against the ID requirement "shocking" and a move that defied common sense. "It shows again that the Democrats are not being honest with the American people," Kent asserts.

"Furthermore, it shows the disconnect between these Democrats and what polls show. "Polls show consistently that 90 percent of the American people -- Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, black, white, Anglo, Hispanic -- oppose illegal immigration and oppose healthcare benefits for illegal immigrants." Kent believes the political left wants to "coddle" illegal aliens in order to use them as a pawn to achieve their socialist agenda. "They see them as the final way to change America, to turn it into a socialist country," he states. "They want these people getting services, they want them on a path to citizenship, they want them voting." According to Kent, illegal immigrants -- in the main -- are part of an "underclass." "They make less than $10,000 a year, they have less than an eighth-grade education, [and] they can be swayed by every left-wing demagogue that comes down the pike with any promise whatsoever," he says. "[And] they will be outvoting middle America."

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