Friday, September 25, 2015

Remembering a town I will miss.

Menominee, MI is a town that apparently will be the next victim of White genocide when approximately 4,500 Muslims "so called refugees" will be sent to Menominee, MI. The town is only approximately 8,000 people and will change literally overnight. A White town will no longer reflect or look like the town the I once knew. For Menominee, MI is a town where my grandparents lived, my great uncles and aunts lived, had a farm, and fished on Lake Michigan. It is a good town, a proud town, a town rich in history. It will change. This will cause havoc and unfortunately turmoil with the White citizens there. I have posted a link to read more. But I am saddened to see once again a place my family have come from will be destroyed. White genocide continues. RIP Menominee, MI.


Cloak Guy said...

Funny how that land once belonged to native Americans until white guys came and massacred them. "White Genocide"

Attorney Jason Robb said...

If anyone believes that the land was stolen from Indians, then you need to quitclaim all your property and any money you make to the nearest reservation. If you don't, then you're a hyprocrite because you are benefiting from the conquest.