Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurricane Gustav causes sodomite conference to cancel

Many Stories, One Voice conference, slated for Sept. 4–7 in New Orleans, canceled due to Hurricane Gustav. Many Stories, One Voice: The North American Convocation of Sodomites that is masked under the so called Pro-LGBT Christians, scheduled for Sept. 4–7 in New Orleans, La., has been canceled due to Hurricane Gustav. It appears that God just couldn't stomach the thought of sodomites pretending to be Christians. Praise God for Hurricane Gustav.

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Robyn said...

You are praising God for a hurricane that destroyed the lives and homes of thousands of innocent people (WHITES INCLUDED) just because of a homosexual speach that was to be given? You praise Him for this disaster? What if the hurricane hit YOUR home, YOUR loved ones? What if the hurricane destroyed the homes and lives of fellow Knights? Then would you praise him? Now,you tell me how this is LOVE and not HATE as per the KKK website.