Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Illegal immigrant supporters protest federal raid

According to the OneNewsNow, "Mississippi-based immigration reform activist says it's absurd that a group of illegal immigration supporters are staging a protest against recent federal immigration raids aimed at enforcing the rule of law. On August 25, federal agents conducted a raid at the Howard Industries transformer plant in Laurel, Mississippi, where nearly 600 illegal aliens were detained, and some processed for removal from the U.S. The raid was the largest of its kind in U.S. history and created uproar among the pro-illegal alien advocates, who are staging a Sunday protest during a Hispanic festival in the Gulf Coast city of Biloxi. Organizers claim the protest is part of a nationwide movement to take a stand in favor of "humane immigration reform," but Dr. Rodney Hunt of the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement believes what they want is amnesty. "It's disingenuous to talk about immigration reform," Hunt contends. "True immigration reform, I think, is making sure our laws are a benefit to United States citizens -- and amnesty is a not a benefit to our citizens." Hunt adds that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are protecting the rights of American citizens and legal residents when they conduct these raids. "It's against the law in the United States to have employment if you're not legally qualified to be employed here," he explains. "You have to have a legal work visa to have employment in the United States." According to Hunt, the pro-illegal alien rally will ultimately fail. "A couple of years ago when they had the mass rallies demanding amnesty, I think it rallied the American citizens against the idea of amnesty," he says. "It brought it to the forefront, and it reminded them that these people came here illegally. It reminded them that they were not here to assimilate into our culture." However, what we as Americans have to remember is that with the election coming up, which candidate is going to enforce the rule of law? Which candidate is going to ensure that our children do not live in a country where non whites are running rampant because our elected officials didn't stop the massive flood of illegal immigrants? Unfortantely, Barack Obama and Insane McCain is not going to stop illegal immigration. Both candidates are in favor of more immigrants. In fact, Insane McCain was in favor of amnesty of millions of illegal immigrants a while back. Do we honestly think that as President, he would put our troops on our borders to stop the illegal immigrants from coming into this country. Of course not. And what about Barack Obama. Well, I think the answer is pretty clear as well. He is a liberal socialist that would only encourage and open our borders even more, where more illegal immigrants and legal immigrants from third world countries would enter into our country. We are at a pivotal point in American history in which our country is going to be non-white by 2042 (a conservative figure). Our white children will be living in a country in which it looks like Mexico, Africa, or some other third world country. However, as White Christians, we have a duty to pray for our country, and continue to spread the White Christian Revival of White Nationalism. Until then.

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