Monday, September 8, 2008

McDonald's pays 56 employees to attend sodomite meeting

The McDonald's corporation continues to support the homosexual agenda. In fact, McDonald's this year paid 56 employees to attend meeting promoting this perverse and unChristian lifestyle. As some of you are aware, The Knights Party has joined with the American Family Asosciation to boycott McDonald's. I received an email from the AFA in which they are asking to (1) Sign the online Boycott McDonald’s petition.• Forward this to family and friends and ask them to sign the petition. (2)• Print and distribute the Boycott McDonald’s petition.• VERY IMPORTANT! Call your local McDonald’s. Speak with the manager. Tell him or her (in a polite manner) that you will be boycotting McDonald’s until they stop promoting the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage. To find the phone number of your nearest McDonald’s, click here. • For more information on the McDonald's boycott, click here.
As reported by the AFA, "In January, McDonald’s paid for travel and accommodations for 56 employees to attend the “Pioneer Summit” in San Diego. The purpose of the meeting was to develop a plan to promote the gay agenda within the company. Those attending were thrilled that McDonald’s showed such support for their agenda."
“It was truly inspiring to see McDonald’s Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender members come together to share heartfelt, personal stories about their journeys, challenges and personal reflections. Better understanding these journeys … will help us better grow our people in the restaurants and across the company,” said Brian Unger, senior vice president."
"AFA has asked McDonald’s to remain neutral in the culture battle – to neither oppose nor support the gay agenda. McDonald’s has refused, choosing to support those groups and individuals promoting the gay agenda — including homosexual marriage. A McDonald’s official (Bill Whitman) went so far as to say that those who oppose the gay agenda are motivated by hate." Next time you are at McDonald's, just think that your money is going to support the lifestyle and the agenda of the sodomite movement. When you see Ronald McDonald around children, you may want to keep an eye on him. Until then.


Robyn said...

Are you kidding? Boycott McDonalds, world's biggest fast food chain? There is a McDonald's on every other corner of every town. I used to work at McDonald's. My store alone pulled in 2 million per year. The manager would laugh his butt off if someone called and said they weren't going to eat there and then go back to serving the line of customers out the door and the line of customers around the block at the drive thru. Get a grip, McDonald's is HUGE and always will be. It's even International.

Isaque Doi said...

McDonald's for hell!