Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Illegal immigrant supporters protest federal raid

According to the OneNewsNow, "Mississippi-based immigration reform activist says it's absurd that a group of illegal immigration supporters are staging a protest against recent federal immigration raids aimed at enforcing the rule of law. On August 25, federal agents conducted a raid at the Howard Industries transformer plant in Laurel, Mississippi, where nearly 600 illegal aliens were detained, and some processed for removal from the U.S. The raid was the largest of its kind in U.S. history and created uproar among the pro-illegal alien advocates, who are staging a Sunday protest during a Hispanic festival in the Gulf Coast city of Biloxi. Organizers claim the protest is part of a nationwide movement to take a stand in favor of "humane immigration reform," but Dr. Rodney Hunt of the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement believes what they want is amnesty. "It's disingenuous to talk about immigration reform," Hunt contends. "True immigration reform, I think, is making sure our laws are a benefit to United States citizens -- and amnesty is a not a benefit to our citizens." Hunt adds that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are protecting the rights of American citizens and legal residents when they conduct these raids. "It's against the law in the United States to have employment if you're not legally qualified to be employed here," he explains. "You have to have a legal work visa to have employment in the United States." According to Hunt, the pro-illegal alien rally will ultimately fail. "A couple of years ago when they had the mass rallies demanding amnesty, I think it rallied the American citizens against the idea of amnesty," he says. "It brought it to the forefront, and it reminded them that these people came here illegally. It reminded them that they were not here to assimilate into our culture." However, what we as Americans have to remember is that with the election coming up, which candidate is going to enforce the rule of law? Which candidate is going to ensure that our children do not live in a country where non whites are running rampant because our elected officials didn't stop the massive flood of illegal immigrants? Unfortantely, Barack Obama and Insane McCain is not going to stop illegal immigration. Both candidates are in favor of more immigrants. In fact, Insane McCain was in favor of amnesty of millions of illegal immigrants a while back. Do we honestly think that as President, he would put our troops on our borders to stop the illegal immigrants from coming into this country. Of course not. And what about Barack Obama. Well, I think the answer is pretty clear as well. He is a liberal socialist that would only encourage and open our borders even more, where more illegal immigrants and legal immigrants from third world countries would enter into our country. We are at a pivotal point in American history in which our country is going to be non-white by 2042 (a conservative figure). Our white children will be living in a country in which it looks like Mexico, Africa, or some other third world country. However, as White Christians, we have a duty to pray for our country, and continue to spread the White Christian Revival of White Nationalism. Until then.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Judeo-Christians support adoptions of non-whites

It seems as the traditional church continues to accept Judaism, the church will also accept its anti-Christian teaching. The Bible tells us to be aware of the false teachings of the Pharisees. Unfortunately, with Judaism now being promoted by so-called Christians, generations are being raised with the belief that race-mixing is accepted by the Bible and if you do not believe in race-mixing and integration, then you are an evil racist that is not a Christian. One of these false teachings of the Pharisees ( an old name for Rabbis), is that we as Judeo-Christians should adopt children from other races. They say that God encourages adoptions and they will use verses in the Bible that gives references to adoptions without realizing that adoption was not about adopting children of other races. American Family Association is one of those groups that says a lot of things that traditional Christians believes. However, it is the teaching of race-mixing and their support of whites adopting non-whites that is so incidious. Everytime whites adopt non-whites not only does it destroy the teaching of keeping your race pure and have racial pride, but it gives the seal of approval for other family members to start adopting other non-white children, and unfortunately, to date and marry out side of their race. Below is an article from AFA. It appears to go be good and wholesome, and you get a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach, but don't be fool. Once your race is destroyed, it is destroyed forever.

By Rebecca Grace - AFA Journal, October 2008

Maridel Sandberg is almost 50 years old. She is a wife, the mother of eight children, ages 5 to 27, and a grandmother of three. She has children and grandchildren the same age. She’s been potty training for 24 years, and this is the first time in 27 years that she has no children at home during the school year. Why? Because she and her husband adopted. Not because they couldn’t have children, for they have three they birthed. Not because they wanted to do a good deed, for life can be full of empty works. The Sandbergs, a Caucasian family, adopted five African-American children because they realized something amazing about adoption. “The deepest and strongest foundation of adoption is located not in the act of humans adopting humans, but in God adopting humans,” said Pastor John Piper, in an article titled “Adoption: The Heart of the Gospel” at http://www.desiringgod.org/. “And this act,” he continued, “is not part of His ordinary providence in the world; it is at the heart of the Gospel. Galatians 4:4-5 is as central a Gospel statement as there is: ‘But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons.’” “There are so many scriptures [Romans 8, Galatians 4, Ephesians 1] that inform our horizontal (human) expression of God’s love through adoption as an outflow of the Gospel,” said Jordan Thomas, pastor-teacher of Grace Church in Memphis, Tennessee (http://www.gracechurchmemphis.com/). “To make the understatement of the ages, we did not choose to be adopted by God. He chose us. He loved us with an everlasting love in Jesus,” Thomas explained. “And every Christian longs to see others know God’s adopting love. “Evangelism is a necessary outflow of a true relationship with Christ,” he added. “We feel that adoption is one of the strongest pictures of the love of God and is also one of the most conducive imaginable environments for evangelism (with your own children).” The Sandbergs couldn’t agree more. “I think the biggest wow moment was when we received our first son, Joshua,” Sandberg recalled. “It was like God came down from heaven and said, ‘This is how I have chosen you. And this is how I have called you by name, and you are mine. As much as Joshua is yours, you are mine.’ “It became the heartbeat of our lives that this is a reflection of God,” she said.

Loving Sandberg is director of The MICAH Fund (Minority Infant Child Adoption Help, http://www.micahfund.org/), at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Piper is pastor. Sandberg is also president of the Christian Alliance for Orphans. According to its Web site, http://www.christianalliancefor/orphans.org, the alliance “is a group of Christian organizations and churches that are joining voices to make caring for every orphan a reality. … The goal … is to inform, educate and engage churches and individuals in orphan and adoption ministry. “Our goal and our purpose is to proclaim with one voice the crisis and the needs around the world of 143 million orphans,” Sandberg explained. “Then the other arm of our organization is to provide Christians with lists of approved agencies that are dedicated to our vision, which is that every orphan would know Jesus as Savior and experience God’s unfailing love. “[After all], is there any better evangelism in all of creation than to raise up children who love Jesus and know Him well?” she asked. To meet both the physical and spiritual needs of orphans, the organizations that make up the alliance have laid down their logos and egos to work together toward a common goal. Still somewhat new, the alliance has gained about 85 organizational memberships since its official launch in November 2007 and hopes to add at least 1,000 churches that are working toward a church-based orphan, adoption or foster-care ministry. The alliance also has individual members and media partners. “I strongly believe that this alliance is the most profound, most strategic thing on the face of the earth that will reach the 143 million orphans of the world,” said Ed Schwartz, president of Loving Shepherd Ministries (http://www.loving-shepherd.com/), a member of the alliance. “The most beautiful thing about this is to watch individual organizations wrestle through what it looks like to love well,” Sandberg said. “My dream is that at some point we would be a unified force and be so effective … that the world would take note and … say, ‘Wow, look at how well they are caring. It must be God!’”

Reflecting In order to care truly for the fatherless, it is imperative to grasp the magnitude of the present orphan crisis while coming to grips with a right understanding of God. “Because we’re not close to the actual crisis, it doesn’t seem to touch us,” Sandberg explained. “[But in reality] the crisis is beyond anything that we could ever begin to put our hands around by ourselves.” Think about it this way: If the 143 million orphans in the world stood shoulder-to-shoulder, they would wrap around the 10,913-mile perimeter of the U.S. nearly four times. And if that number is still too hard to comprehend, consider adding the number of people who live in the 50 largest U.S. cities plus the entire populations of Ireland, Nicaragua, and Norway, plus all the people from Denmark and Costa Rica plus the entire population of Greece plus the people who live in France to equal 143 million. “We need to be ‘gloriously ruined’ by this crisis,” said Sandberg, quoting Kay Warren of the HIV/AIDS Initiative at Saddleback Church in California. “We’re going to need every Christian, anywhere in the world, to fulfill their part in God’s plan for how He is going to use us in caring and living out the Gospel.” But living out the Gospel through orphan care and mobilizing churches and individuals to action involves more than just recognizing the problem. Before people can live out the Gospel, they must understand the Gospel. “We don’t understand our God, and we don’t understand who He is and what He does for us,” she said. “We [must] … feel the weight of the reality that we were the most unlovable, least-likely creatures to ever be considered for adoption … by anyone, especially God! But in sheer mercy, He has set His love on us, and at great cost to Himself – the death of His only begotten Son,” Thomas explained. So the more a person understands his spiritual adoption and experiences the amazing love of God in his own life, the more natural it is for him to give himself away to care for others. “A large number of Christians – at some point in their journey – consider adopting, but they don’t know where to go or who to trust in that process,” Sandberg said. “I always say to them: ‘Of course you would consider adopting. You’re just like your Father because He adopted you. If you’re a child of God, naturally you would want to reflect Him.’” Encountering the Father and becoming a true reflection of His glory is what it’s all about for His children.

Obeying “[I]f only 7% of the world’s professing two billion Christians would adopt, there would effectively be no more orphanages,” Thomas quoted from Shaohannah’s Hope (http://www.shaohannahshope.org/), an orphan-care ministry established by Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman. However, both Thomas and Sandberg are quick to clarify that not every Christian is called to adopt. But every Christian is called to care for “the least of these.” “Adoption isn’t ministry,” Sandberg said. “Adoption is choosing to parent and choosing to love and calling a child my own, as God calls me His own. “So if you’re looking for a ministry, you shouldn’t adopt,” she added. “You should … care for orphans … [in some way].” Caring comes in many forms, such as financial assistance, supplying humanitarian aid to orphanages, visiting orphans and meeting their physical and emotional needs or starting a church ministry to create awareness and spur action. Regardless, the need is great. The call is real, and the ways are many. For Grace Church, a plant of Bethlehem Baptist but not a member of the alliance, caring comes in the form of the AMBER Adoption Fund (Adoption Magnifies the Beauty of Eternal Redemption). Thomas said the fund “is an effort of Grace Church to encourage Christian families to pursue adoption, and to seek to assist qualifying families with the sometimes burdening financial responsibilities involved.” The fund is named in memory of Amber Mathenia, a young adoptive mother and friend of the church who died in a car accident in early 2008. The church’s prayer is that every child adopted through the fund will come to know Christ. “The fund was established … through the leadership of elders who led the church to a partnership with The ABBA Fund (http://www.abbafund.org/),” Thomas explained. “The ABBA Fund services many different expressions of adoption funding, one of which is that churches are able to set up private adoption funds through ABBA.” Thomas said it seems only natural that churches would be advocates for adoption. Sandberg added, “I think the mere fact that the ministry [of orphan care] and the movement [of adoption] are growing is, in and of itself, a glorious thing to be a part of.”

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Canadian physicians attack Unborn Victims of Crime bill

According to OneNewsNow.com, "The Canadian Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (SOG) has issued a statement that accuses the drafters of the Unborn Victims of Crime bill with conspiring to remove the "right" of a woman to kill her child at will by abortion up to the end of natural gestation, as Canadian law currently allows.

The SOG wrote, "This Bill proposes to amend the Criminal Code to allow for a foetus to have legal standing, while in utero, so that a charge can be brought after its miscarriage against a person who deliberately or recklessly assaults a pregnant woman carrying that foetus while committing a crime."

"This Bill can only be interpreted as giving the fetus in utero legal status at conception. That would fundamentally change current Canadian law."

The Canadian medical community, as represented by the various medical professional associations, have long been in full support of the radical feminist pro-abortion agenda. The position of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is identical to that issued by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada.

Joyce Arthur, one of Canada's foremost abortion activists, wrote last month, "The only reason to prefer Bill C-484 is to recognize the fetus itself as a victim, but this makes the fetus a separate legal person, in direct conflict with the rights of the pregnant woman. The problem of establishing legal personhood for the fetus, and its vast potential for harm to women, has already been discussed in our previous statements against Bill C-484."

Pro-life advocates have repeatedly pointed out that the bill is "pro-choice," and not a pro-life piece of legislation. Introduced in November 2007 by Conservative party MP Ken Epp, the bill allows for the fetus to be protected only if a pregnant woman wanted to bring the child to term.

In late August, Mr. Epp said, "I know the critics of C-484 will continue to spread misinformation. But I continue to hope that thoughtful, everyday Canadians, not influenced by political agendas or strident ideology, will continue to support C-484 - and about 70 percent of Canadians do, including the vast majority of women across the country."

"Either that child matters so that attacks on pregnant women are more heinous, in which case Bill C-484 is a direct recognition of that reality; or that child doesn't matter, in which case we don't need any new law - the current provisions in the Criminal Code already cover the violence against the woman," said Epp.

In late August, Mr. Epp announced he would not be scrapping his bill, despite an announcement by Justice Minister Rob Nicholson that the Conservative government will introduce similar legislation, a decision criticized as an obvious attempt to sink Epp's Bill C-484.

"I definitely will not be withdrawing my bill. They're quite different. I don't intend to let up," he said. He encouraged concerned Canadians to continue contacting their MPs in support of C-484."

Monday, September 8, 2008

McDonald's pays 56 employees to attend sodomite meeting

The McDonald's corporation continues to support the homosexual agenda. In fact, McDonald's this year paid 56 employees to attend meeting promoting this perverse and unChristian lifestyle. As some of you are aware, The Knights Party has joined with the American Family Asosciation to boycott McDonald's. I received an email from the AFA in which they are asking to (1) Sign the online Boycott McDonald’s petition.• Forward this to family and friends and ask them to sign the petition. (2)• Print and distribute the Boycott McDonald’s petition.• VERY IMPORTANT! Call your local McDonald’s. Speak with the manager. Tell him or her (in a polite manner) that you will be boycotting McDonald’s until they stop promoting the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage. To find the phone number of your nearest McDonald’s, click here. • For more information on the McDonald's boycott, click here.
As reported by the AFA, "In January, McDonald’s paid for travel and accommodations for 56 employees to attend the “Pioneer Summit” in San Diego. The purpose of the meeting was to develop a plan to promote the gay agenda within the company. Those attending were thrilled that McDonald’s showed such support for their agenda."
“It was truly inspiring to see McDonald’s Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender members come together to share heartfelt, personal stories about their journeys, challenges and personal reflections. Better understanding these journeys … will help us better grow our people in the restaurants and across the company,” said Brian Unger, senior vice president."
"AFA has asked McDonald’s to remain neutral in the culture battle – to neither oppose nor support the gay agenda. McDonald’s has refused, choosing to support those groups and individuals promoting the gay agenda — including homosexual marriage. A McDonald’s official (Bill Whitman) went so far as to say that those who oppose the gay agenda are motivated by hate." Next time you are at McDonald's, just think that your money is going to support the lifestyle and the agenda of the sodomite movement. When you see Ronald McDonald around children, you may want to keep an eye on him. Until then.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

California Supreme Court rules against religious freedom.

Well, the California Supreme Court has done it again. It has gone against religious freedom. The same California Supreme Court that recently legalized same-sex marriage, has ruled by a 7-0 vote that homosexual rights trump religious freedom. The ruling barred doctors, because of their Christian beliefs, from withholding unnecessary medical care to gays and lesbians (sodomites). The ruling says that under state law sexual orientation rights trump religious freedom. Justice Joyce Kennard wrote in the ruling that two Christian fertility doctors who refused to artificially inseminate a lesbian have neither a free speech right nor a religious exemption from the state's law, which "imposes on business establishments certain antidiscrimination obligations."Doctors at the Christian clinic referred the lesbian to another clinic, but the lesbian refused their referral - demanding that the Christian clinic perform the procedure. When the Christian doctors refused to violate their religious convictions, the lesbian sued and the Supreme Court gave her the victory.

This ruling will again have a devasting affect on every business in California. If a similar victory in a federal court is won, every business in America will be affected. According to the American Family Association, "Alabama Fertility Specialists (AFS) has begun a campaign to bring Honda of Alabama to its knees because Honda will not cover artificial insemination for a lesbian in it’s insurance. Honda advised their insurance carrier to "exclude domestic partners (same-sex partners) from ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) benefits including diagnostic services related to fertility/infertility..." If this doesn't work, then count on AFS to sue. Alabama Fertility Specialists alerted the media, their supporters and sodomite groups about Honda’s actions and called on supporters and sodomites to bombard Honda with phone calls and letters."

Many American still live under the illusion that American citizens are free to run their business as they see fit. Yes, one time, American citizens were free to do that. Under the old U.S. Constitution, this was so. However, with what is commonly called the new U.S. Constitution (stating 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments specifically being applied to the states), the states have lost for their most part their soverignty (this is what makes up federalism-the separation between the state governments and the federal governments). Now, even though this was the California Supreme Court's decision, and not a federal court decision, we have liberal judges in state supreme courts that have bought into the idea that citizens are no longer able to run their business as they see fit, which comes down to, you can't practice your faith in the open arena. Until then.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurricane Gustav causes sodomite conference to cancel

Many Stories, One Voice conference, slated for Sept. 4–7 in New Orleans, canceled due to Hurricane Gustav. Many Stories, One Voice: The North American Convocation of Sodomites that is masked under the so called Pro-LGBT Christians, scheduled for Sept. 4–7 in New Orleans, La., has been canceled due to Hurricane Gustav. It appears that God just couldn't stomach the thought of sodomites pretending to be Christians. Praise God for Hurricane Gustav.