Thursday, March 12, 2009

Utah GOP leaders become redcoats

As reported by Concerned Women ofAmerica, "Another outspoken pro-family state lawmaker has come under attack for speaking Biblical truth about homosexuality. Utah State Senator Chris Buttars has come under attack from radical homosexual pressure groups because he referred to the homosexual lifestyle as immoral. While the lashing from groups like the Human Rights Campaign can be expected, what was a surprise was that the Republican leadership in Utah turned on Buttars, removing him from his position as head of the Judiciary Committee. Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs for the Liberty Counsel and Associate Dean at the Liberty University School of Law, says this attack is very similar to the one launched against Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern last year. He adds that this situation needs as much national attention as the Kern case." We all need to contact Utah Senate President Michael Waddoups and express your support of Senator Buttars and ask for his reinstatement. You can call Waddoups senate office at 801-538-1407 or call the Utah Senate switchboard at 801-538-1035. He can also be reached by email at Express your support of Senator Chris Buttars by emailing him at What is sad is that so called conservative leaders (if you can even use that term anymore) are now jumping on the band wagon of multi-culturalism and pro-sodomite issues instead of being faithful to the ideal of Christianity and ensuring that our children may someday return to an America where Christianity remains supreme and that sodomy (homosexuality) will not have a place in our country.

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