Monday, March 9, 2009

New Jersey police try to prevent public evangelism

Wildwood, New Jersey, now faces a lawsuit over alleged free-speech violations. Alliance Defense Fund attorney Joel Oster filed the lawsuit in federal court. "Our client, Eric Wollod, was simply trying to pass on religious literature and share his faith on a public sidewalk, and he was shut down by the local police," he explains.

"And he was told [by a police officer] that if he wanted to pass out literature, he had to first submit a letter to the town stating why, obtain a permit; and then even in that case he could only do it in five predisclosed areas along the boardwalk." Oster says the officer's actions restricted speech, making it no longer free. "And to think that you can shut off an entire town to free-speech activities, I think, would disturb all the graves of our founding fathers," he contends. Wollod broke no laws, according to Oster, but the city did violate his constitutional rights.

This is the tactics of the police so often whenever they try to deal with the White nationalists whenever White nationalists try to proclaim the message of hope and deliverance to our fellow White brothers and sisters. They will intimidate them by saying they have to obtain a permit or they will be arrested or they will simply say it is illegal to pass out any literature. However, the courts have time and time again stated that passing out literature or public evangelism is Constitutional. It is a First Amendment protected Constitutional right. However, now we have where police are attempting to prevent any type of evangelism. This is the tactics that White nationalists have tried to warn the public so too often that if the police will go after White nationalists or any group that is not "approved" by the government, then it is only a matter of time they will go after your modern day "Christians". This is just one example.

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