Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama promises amnesty for illegals.

This week Obama promised Hispanic Caucus an Illegal Alien Amnesty Coming Soon!
Pelosi calls enforcement "un-American"
Help us Smash Amnesty and "re-educate" Pelosi. This is directly from NumbersUSA, and thought it is important for everyone to realize that Obama is in bed with illegals, which should be no surprise.

This is hell week for immigration enforcement. If you care about this issue, please read this entire email carefully, and then take every step we ask. Here's the update:
1. Yesterday President Obama seemed to rent out his immigration policy to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Mexican government.
2. And on Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught on tape saying that immigration enforcement agents are "un-American" when they acted to enforce the laws.
Maybe you'll want to rub your eyes two or three times and re-read the above paragraphs.
Statements like "renting out" his foreign policy to the Mexican government are pretty alarming. We at NumbersUSA are usually careful to avoid heated rhetoric.
But read the details, and you'll see while I HAVE to let off some steam this time!
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After spending the first weeks of his term engulfed by the financial mess, Obama has decided it's time to make nice with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. In a meeting with them yesterday in California, he promised to push ahead soon with the same "Immigration Reform"—i.e. Illegal Alien Amnesty—that McCain and Kennedy were promoting back in 2007.
Obama said he would soon be traveling to Mexico to meet with Mexico's President Calderon to work out immigration policy. That sounds like Obama is going to let the country responsible for sending us the most illegal aliens re-write America's immigration laws. What's next?
And did you hear about the House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi's wild statement? She called our immigration enforcement officials "un-American" for deporting illegal aliens. (This was actually caught on tape.)
Do you see where this is heading? The administration and Democratic leaders in Congress have removed all doubt about where they stand.
Amnesty for the 11-12 million illegal aliens is inevitable, unless we act now.
Please take all these actions:
1. Go to Send these faxes telling the President, Rep. Pelosi, and your members of Congress that you will never agree to Amnesty.
2. Phone the President and your members of Congress. Let's break the Congressional and White House switchboards today and tomorrow!
3. Make a gift to NumbersUSA so that we can ramp up our efforts right now, as the fight grows deadly earnest.
I need 2,000 of our members to press that Red Button and donate in the next 24 hours. Our members sent 100,000 faxes yesterday alone! Obviously, this takes money.
If this is your first donation, even better! At least 1/3 of the 2,000 donations we need in the next 24 hours must come from members who have never given before if we are to meet our goal.
We literally cannot send your faxes and maintain our lobbying efforts without funding from our members.So please, press that red button and help us once again this month. We've got our perfect record on stopping illegal alien amnesties to protect. And it's time to "take the fight to the enemy!"
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