Monday, January 11, 2010

Lutheran church splits based on allowing sodomite pastors

Associated Press---------------

ROANOKE, VA - Members of a church in Roanoke, Virginia, have voted to leave the country's largest Lutheran denomination over its policy to allow homosexual clergy.

St. John Lutheran assistant pastor Elijah Mwitanti says church members voted 358-120 Sunday to split from the national Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

At its annual convention in August, ELCA delegates voted to lift a ban that had prohibited sexually active homosexual pastors from serving as clergy. The new policy, expected to take effect in April, will allow such individuals to lead ELCA churches as long as they can show that they are in committed, lifelong relationships.

Sunday's vote affirmed a ballot held in September that called for St. John to split from ELCA and join the smaller Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ.
It's sad to see and a disgrace to imagine that we would have open sodomites to become so called "pastors" in once traditional Christian churches. However, this is just a reflection of what our Country has become and what our morals have been reduced to. Our children are no longer being taught traditional Christian morals and principles such as sodomy and misegenation being an abomination to God. Instead, they are openly being taught that God allows it and doesn't consider it being wrong. However, since the beginning of time, these were the two great sins and these sins were not tolerated in our Christian society, churches, or government. Yet, we now not only accept misgenation, but we are now beginning to tolerate and accept sodomy, the other great sin. And where are our church leaders. Are they openly speaking against it. No. For the most part, they do not. There are few out there, but for the most part, our pastors are not pastors at all, but sheep in shephard's clothing.

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