Monday, August 24, 2009

Evangelist regains First Amendment rights

According to, "A street preacher's free-speech rights have been recognized in New Haven, Connecticut.

In 2004, Jesse Morrell traveled to an area of New Haven where young adults frequented bars -- and where he hoped to share the gospel peacefully. Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorney Jonathan Scruggs picks up the story. "On four separate occasions, two police officers essentially came up to him and ordered him to move, ordered him to stop speaking because he was annoying people," he recalls. "Evidently his message was not being well received by the college students." Scruggs says the police did not receive Morrell's message well either. "The police officers who were working at the bar came and forced him to leave and, in fact, one officer even almost got physical with him," he adds. ADF filed suit to protect Morrell's right to free speech, and it took four years to resolve the case. "We have recently come to an agreement and a settlement where the city agreed to allow Mr. Morrell to go back out there and peacefully express his beliefs," Scruggs concludes.

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