Monday, August 3, 2009

Federal Reserve audit heats up.

As many may not be aware, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is pushing in the House of Representatives a bill to audit the Federal Reserve. Most Americans are not aware that the Federal Reserve Board is not part of the United States. It is a private bank that prints money for the United States, and charges interest, which the United States has to pay back, and it has total control over our monetary system. This is clearly unconstitutional as Congress has the sole power to regulate and print our money, as stated in Article 1 of the Constitution, not a private bank. What is somewhat encouraging is that some Americans are starting to wake up from the efforts of Friends of Liberty. Here is an email just recently received from them.
August 3, 2009
Dear Friend of Liberty,
For the first time in nearly 100 years, the secretive Federal Reserve is a mainstream topic for debate.
Results of a recent survey released by Rasmussen Reports show that 75% of Americans support thoroughly auditing the Fed.
Read our press release about this great news here.
Before Campaign for Liberty started just a little over a year ago, no one could have imagined that such a survey result would be possible.
In less than six months since Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill was introduced, we have reached millions of Americans through phone calls, mailings, and radio and television interviews. Combined with tremendous grassroots efforts including having a presence at events, contacting Congress, spreading the word on the internet, and petitioning, we are achieving true, lasting change by fighting for accountability from the cause of so many of our nation's struggles.
The House of Representatives is already out for its August recess, and the Senate will follow at the end of this week. This month-long recess gives us a perfect opportunity to challenge those who have not yet cosponsored to join the growing national movement to require transparency and accountability from Washington's most shrouded institution.
Members of Congress will be hosting townhalls and appearing at fairs and other local events as they travel their districts to promote their agenda. C4L members should be at every stop along the way to push Audit the Fed.
Stay tuned to in the coming days for more information on how we intend to take advantage of the August recess to promote issues including Audit the Fed.
One indication of our success has been the number of ardent Fed supporters who have recently attacked both Dr. Paul and the idea of a thorough audit. When HR 1207 was first introduced, many of them believed it was a fringe bill that would never gain traction. Your efforts have proved them wrong.
Click on the video below to see Congressman Paul respond to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and these other critics in his latest speech on the House floor.
If you have not yet signed our Audit the Fed petition or need contact details for your members of Congress, check out our Audit the Fed action page here. You can also find information on which representatives and senators have cosponsored HR 1207 and S 604. Be sure to send the link to family and friends and ask them to spread the word!
We are winning this fight, and Audit the Fed is only the beginning of our national efforts. With our membership continuing to grow by leaps and bounds as more Americans dedicate themselves to reclaiming their neighborhoods and their country, the political establishment hasn't seen anything yet.
Together, we can continue to push back big government tyranny and restore the freedoms our Founders fought to give us.
Thank you for all of your time and dedication, and keep up the great work!
In Liberty,

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