Thursday, August 20, 2009

Parents file suit after school enacts sodomite policy

Parents in Alameda County, California have taken the Alameda Unified School District to court, after the board refused to grant opt-out requests. Those requests were sought after the school district enacted a controversial pro-homosexual, bisexual, transgender anti-bullying program for kindergarten and elementary school-aged children. Brad Dacus, President of the Pacific Justice Institute, has more on this case. Listen Download. Parents should be taking their children out of the public school system as fast as possible where ever they live at, and be homeschooling. These public schools are teaching our children filth. They are teaching them anti-Christian morals that are contrary to what our country was founded on. And as a result, parents as a whole do not pay attention to what the public schools are teaching them,and what they are reading. Parents are not being proactive with their children. Parents need to find out what their schools are teaching their children. However, ultimately, parents can't combat what the schools are teaching the children when the schools have 8 hours to manipulate the children into their universal, anti-Christian beliefs. Homeschool is one of those answers. Your children are that important.

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